About Us




Keepsake Tales exists because we believe that every child is one of a kind. We believe that every child has intrinsic value. And we’re building the world’s most personalized children’s books so that every child will understand that they matter.

Today – there are millions of children that can’t see themselves reflected in the stories that they read.

That’s just not right.

So, we’re building Keepsake Tales so that every child can see themselves as the champion of their story – so that every child can understand that they matter.

How does it work? Our illustration process starts with a picture of the picture. We turn that picture into a cartoon that matches the illustration style of the story so that every child will see themselves

We're launching our next book with the amazing No Barriers team. Check them out here!

So, who's behind the magic? 

Erin Burchik: Mom of 4, Wife of Brian, Founder of Keepsake Tales

Mike Vaggalis: Husband of Brittany, Founder of Keepsake Tales