Racial Volcanoes and Personalized Books - How Keepsake Tales is disrupting children’s literature to boost racial reconciliation

Racial Volcanoes and Personalized Books

How Keepsake Tales is disrupting children’s literature to boost racial reconciliation


2020 - A year of ERUPTION and DISRUPTION:

2020 has been one heckuva year for all of us. From COVID to a string of racially motivated murders, 2020 has felt like one volcanic eruption after another.

For us, 2020 is the year where a few dreamers committed to build a company called Keepsake Tales. In this crazy year, we’ve become convinced that it’s long past time that every child understands that they are one of a kind and intrinsically valuable. Don’t you agree?

It’s been a year of learning and adjustment.

It’s been a year of crafting stories and building relationships.

It’s been a year where we’ve shed tears of frustration and picked ourselves back up again.

It’s been a year where we’ve grieved with our neighbors and witnessed systemic social injustice.


Social Fault Lines (bear with me):

And so, I find myself thinking of my freshman year geology class. I know it sounds weird. But bear with me. In this class, we learned about fault lines. To summarize a large topic (literally), our earth’s surface is made up of massive slabs of rock called tectonic plates. Where these plates meet, a fault line is formed. As the plates move against these fault lines, they cause massive outputs of pressure and energy. The results? Devastation in the form of natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. However, these collisions of tectonic plates also create the most wonderful features on the face of the plant. Without the ceaseless movement of our earth’s crust, we would never experience the majesty of our mountain ranges or the splendor of lush island chains.

Fault lines aren’t good or bad. They just are. And we live in beautiful but broken world as a result.

Fault lines don’t just exist in geology. Here in 2020, we are experiencing a social explosion that’s been in the making for centuries, fueled by increasing pressure along a racial fault line. And it sure seems volcanic. Doesn’t it? Everywhere we turn, there’s evidence of the fractured nature of our society, especially when we turn to the pernicious landscape of social media.

Fault lines run deep. Each human being is intensely complicated. We are each the complex products of differing genetic pools, unique upbringings, and the lifetime of decisions that we’ve each made. Our societies, then, are infinitely more complicated as groups of us complicated people all integrate, creating a common culture.

Social earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis are all around us, especially now in 2020. And, yet, doesn’t that mean that there’s hope for the constructive consequences of social fault lines, too? Shouldn’t we hope to see the majestic peaks and lush islands of reconciliation in our lifetimes? Shouldn’t we eagerly anticipate and work towards a day when our society recognizes that each person is one of a kind and has intrinsic value?


Keepsake Tales – Every Child Matters:

At Keepsake Tales, we certainly don’t have all the answers. But we’re deeply committed to helping our world heal from the scars of social fault lines, and to building beauty from the chaos. See, at Keepsake Tales, we exist because we hold to several non-negotiable values:

  1. Every human being is intrinsically valuable
  2. Every human being is one of a kind
  3. Every kid should see themselves in the story

Imagine with us, the beauty of a world where each child internalized these values. How amazing would it be if each child recognized the truth that they matter, simply because they’re human? What if we taught our children to celebrate the things that make us each unique, instead of finding reasons to dehumanize other members of our human race?


Disrupting Children’s Literature to Promote Racial Reconciliation:

Can you picture with us mountain ranges of racial reconciliation? How about island chains built on an outpouring of empathy and human compassion?

If that sounds ambitious for a children’s book company, well, so be it. We’re dreamers after-all and our dream is to contribute to forming a better world. We can’t solve all the world’s problems. But we can make any child the champion of their very own Keepsake Tale as we build the most personalized children’s books in the world. And, in doing so, we affirm their intrinsic value as a person and help them celebrate whatever makes them one of a kind. We can help each child dream their own dreams and continue this human story by writing their own chapters in their own time.

If you’re with us, we invite you to join the Keepsake Tales family today. You can do so now by signing up for our mailing list at: mykeepsaketales.com.


Finally, and this probably goes without saying. I’m no geologist, but I enjoyed geeking out and learning all about geographic fault lines this morning. I recommend the following links for all other amateur rock nerds. And, if there are any actual geologists reading this, please let me know if I need to fix an error!



This is a great analogy! If we would treat everyone with empathy and compassion, what a great world we will live in. Great values to learn young!


What the world needs now is more Keepsake Tales!

Keepsake Tales

Thanks for the encouragement and support, Judy. It’s an inspiring mission and I appreciate you supporting us! :)

Judy Delein

Well put, Michael. What a great way to show a child how important they are in this world.

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