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At Keepsake Tales, we unequivocally shout that Black Lives Matter. We denounce racism, police brutality, and white supremacy. We commit to actively dismantling these far too long held institutions.

We are pouring all of our efforts to helping all children, especially racial minorities, children with disabilities and children with sicknesses see themselves as the champions of their very own Keepsake Tales.

Showing all children that they are one of a kind and have intrinsic value.

Now all children can see themselves in their new favorite story.

No matter what makes your child unique, we'll make them the most personalized books that will show them their one-of-a-kind self. Because they're worth it.

What makes Keepsake Tales different?

We start with photos...

that turn into illustrations..

that become a book as unique as your child!

And what do our customers think?


Kenna (about Ella)

I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE this book. Gosh, it’s amazing. I love everything about it. The story, the illustrations, the fact that Trevor looks so darn cute in the book. I hope you feel good about what you’re doing because it’s so special.

Kelly (about Trevor)

This gift made us the coolest aunt & uncle this Christmas!

Heather & Collin